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Medicalgainer.com is dedicated to empower each & every person with the knowledge of medical health (including diseases & their cure with medications etc.) To better manage their own health status & thereby, improvement in health status from a particular small place in a country or the world. Website medicalgainer.com bringing you up-do-date with independent, most trustworthy, comprehensive and timely Health news & Informations, Health articles, Diseases, Medications or Medicines, Nutrition and so on regarding to medical & health.

Medicalgainer.com is not an online pharmacy or medical store. Medicalgainer.com simply provides information about medications or drugs to help you better understanding about drugs; their working principles, uses & side effects.

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Medicalgainer.com does not provide diagnosis, treatment and any medical advise.

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Yogesh sarswat(me) Is author of medicalgainer.com.I am a doctor (mbbs) and My aim is to provide more accurate and trusted information and data to readers of this blog about health,disease and drugs so they can improve their knowledge  in the field of medicine.you can personallly contact me on sarswatyogesh512@gmail.com


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