11 Brain Damaging Habits That You Must Avoid

The brain is the most important and complex organ of our body. Every activity in our body involves the brain, walking, talking, seeing, thinking, cognition, movements, emotions, memory, breathing etc. Therefore it is very important to keep the brain healthy.

Some bad habits that have become part of our daily lives harm our brain by knowing about these habits and bypassing them from our daily lives, we can maintain the health of our mind and keep ourselves mentally healthy.

You should avoid these brain damaging habits to keep the brain healthy-

1. Lack of Sleep

Lack of sleep may cause direct harmful effects on the brain. Your concentration, memory power, reasoning, alertness and cognitive function will get worse. This will reduce your ability to learn new things. You may get depressed. Reasons for impairment of the above functions are-
  • Inadequate sleep may interfere with the formation of neuronal connections and results in memory loss.
  • Sleep deprivation can increase the concentration of amyloid beta, which is toxic to brain cells and can cause Alzheimer's disease.
  • Depression in the  patient of insomnia can impair the cognitive functions
Always take minimum 7-9 hours of sleep to keep healthy and active to himself.

2. Not Eating Breakfast


In a study found that after eating breakfast, some chemical substances are released in our body which increases the feeling of positiveness.

Our stomach is empty when we wake up in morning because after dinner, we don't eat anything at night and our body lack energy So we require breakfast for continuing normal physiological activities of our body. Lack of nutrients causes degeneration of the brain, loss of concentration, memory, poor physical performance and bad mood. Eat a healthy breakfast regularly in 1 hour after getting up.

3. Head Covered while Sleeping

During sleep, our body requires the good amount of oxygen to refresh and relax. Covering the head during sleep will reduce oxygen and increases carbon dioxide, which will damage our brain cells because cells require oxygen to generate energy.

4. Overeating

An article published on Harvard University website says that High-calorie intake increases the risk of memory loss and cognitive function impairment, later in life.

Overeating may cause hardening of brain arteries which may result in brain stroke.

In some researches, it is found that High-calorie intake increases aging process.

5. High Sugar Intake

A study conducted on rats found that High sugar intake impairs our memory and cognitive functions.

High level of sugars in the body decreases the ability of the body to absorb proteins and nutrients, which causes malnutrition and difficulty in the development of the brain.

6. Smoking

We all know that smoking is bad for our health. It reduces the oxygen supply to the brain and decreases brain matter. It is associated with neurodegenerative disorders like Alzheimer's disease, dementia. Smoking generates free radicals in the body which oxidized many proteins in the body and damage to DNA Therefore it is the reason for cancer.

7. Air Pollution

Polluted air interferes with the transport of oxygen in cells and the toxic gases present in polluted air enters our body and damages our brain cells by reaching the brain.

8. Alcohol

Alcohol damage liver, brain, arteries, and heart. It damages nerve cells in the brain and reduces the transmission of nerve impulses.

The most commonly affected part of our brain is frontal lobe, chronic use of alcohol reduces the ability of judgment and decision making.

9. Forcing the Brain During Illness

Work during illness reduces the efficiency of the brain and weakens the immune system. When we are sick, restoring our energy level and the immune system needs rest to work properly.

10. Stress and violent reactions

Chronic Stress releases cortisol hormone in our body which damage hippocampus (a part of the brain, which is Responsible for memory short-term memory) And chronic Stress is responsible for premature brain aging.

11. Lack of The Mental stimuli

Learning new things, Reading books, conversation with friends, stimulate our brain and increase intelligence, learning capacity and cognition.

So stay happy and healthy by avoiding these brain damaging habits


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