How To Keep Such A Busy Life Healthy?

In today's lifestyle everybody is going through some health problems.Some people do not have enough time to pay attention to their health.The main problem now is how to keep such a busy life healthy.
We should give some time to maintain our health.

What to do to keep yourself healthy?

(1) Always used to get up early.Sleep at least 7-8 hours,Doing this will not make you stressed.Sometimes you may have more work to do so that you do not get enough time to sleep, in such a situation, take a short sleep slip about 10-15 minutes. This will increase your ability and you will not be stressed too.

(2) On time food is very important. If you are hungry and you are not able to take time to eat so busy, then it hurts your brain. So something must eat. Do not have breakfast within 1 hour of rising in the morning, otherwise your body will lose glucose which is harmful for your brain.

(3)Take time to exercisend and Yoga, which is always your time to rise, start with a little 30- 40 minutes early and exercise a light with the morning walk. This will keep you active stress free throughout the day.

(4) It can be beneficial for you to get 10-15 minutes out of the day for meditation.

(5) Eat fruits and vegetables always. Remove the habit of eating junk food. This will increase your ability to work and keep the sickle away.helathy food makes you healthy, stressfree.

(6) Whenever you feel stress, do not drink alcohol, talk to your friends or family members, you will feel better, and include yourself in activities that you like, such as playing a game or cooking. Drinking alcohol can give you some relief for some time, but it has a bad effect on your body.


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